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    Department of Human Resources

The Human Resources department is a common user department charged with the responsibility of overseeing the human resources matters at the institution. Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department is to ensure that the institution is staffed by a suitably qualified, motivated and viable workforce and to give all the necessary support services to the other departments.

In accordance with the Institution’s Strategic Plan, the two broad long-term objectives of the Department of Human Resources are:
    • To effectively develop the human resources for efficient and effective delivery of services, and
    • To effectively manage the utilization of human, financial, material and other resources in order to ensure the attainment of the overall institution’s objectives.

The mandate of the Department includes the following;
    • Provision of Human resources services to the institution and line Departments.
    • Effective development of human resources at the Institution ,
    • Effective management and utilization of human resources in order to ensure the attainment of the Institution’s objectives.

Human Resource Department
The Department is headed by a Head of Department (Human Resources)
    • It provides human resource support to the entire Institution. It is responsible for ensuring that the Institution is manned by suitable and sufficiently qualified human resources.

The main functions are;
    • Recruitment, appointments and orientation of staff.
    • Staff discipline and welfare
    • Interpretation of conditions of service
    • Coordinating and overseeing the implementation of the Results Based Management System        (R.B.M).
    • Staff Training

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