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  Evans Musara  


I assume my new responsibility in the Ministry of higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development as Principal of Kwekwe Polytechnic with an optimistic zeal to see the rapid industrialisation of the immediate Kwekwe community, Midlands Province and the nation at large through a quality human resource development program at a time when the nation has embraced the revolutionary and astute leadership new dispensation mantra espoused by his Excellency the President of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa

The strategic historical positioning of Kwekwe on the country’s mineral rich great dyke has seen a lot of mining and industrial companies set up operations, making it the city with the highest industrial density in Zimbabwe. Kwekwe Polytechnic is thus tasked with the all-important task to see the development of human capital apparatus to feed into these companies, mines and industries to solve the challenges bedevilling the nation. Our drive as an institution is to play our part in the production of new knowledge, high quality human capital resources and scientific research that solves challenges in the productive and extractive sectors of our economy.

We are fully aware of our mandate to work for the fruition of the national strategic vision for institutions of higher learning dubbed Education 5.0 postulated by the Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education Science & Technology Development Professor Amon Murwira which emphasises the need to research, test, manufacture and commercialise innovations for the development of our economy.

Key to the success of this strategy is the need for Heritage based education, which Kwekwe Polytechnic has already started to integrate into its DNA primarily by partnering local industries and mines in training needs assessments, on-job-training and PPPs so that the product that the institution produces appeals and responds to the demands of the job market needs of the midlands province in particular while remaining competitive globally.

Zimbabwe as a nation stands to benefit from the development of new knowledge and research in areas in which modern technological trends are driving towards; areas such as lithium technology. I will see to it that Kwekwe Polytechnic continues to lead in the driving of new training programs, creation of new knowledge and cutting edge research solutions that are responsive not only to the demands of local industry but mostly to the dictates of global trends.

Realising that the African academia in particular and the continent at large failed to capitalise in the first, second and third industrial revolutions due to unfortunate historical incapacitation, the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution comes at no better time when institutions of higher learning in Africa are geared to lead their nations in integrating into and taking advantage of it for the betterment of their economies. With the need to not only take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution but to be parties in its undertaking, Kwekwe Polytechnic has made it one of its key priority areas to integrate into its operating systems ‘the internet of things’, so that it can benchmark, research, engage in international collaborations, bid for global rankings and ultimately produce innovations that compete internationally.

Productivity and profitability for the sustainability of the institution will be my immediate focus, hence the institution has made a deliberate thrust on making sure than it bolsters the available institutional infrastructure through the repair and reconditioning of non-functional sectors so that the institution operates optimally. Rapid infrastructural development of the institution will ease pressure on the available learning facilities, increase the productive capacity and generate revenue; hence sustainability.

My philosophy is undeviatingly people oriented, I believe that we can achieve more results with a team of highly motivated professionals and this is key to staff retention and sustainability of the institution. It is desire to see this institution create many streams of revenue that will be used in the production of highly qualified graduates, cutting edge research, production of technologies to drive the economy forward and most importantly motivate our staff to be more productive.

Most of the plans envisaged in the strategic vision of this institution are largely dependent on the availability of funding and we therefore call for international investors, financial institutions and public-private-partnership arrangements to engage the institution in win-win partnerships. Key priority areas will be the development of institutional infrastructure such as students and staff accommodations, workshops and lecturing blocks in Build Operate Transfer (BOT), Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) and Build Lease Transfer (BLT) arrangements.

Who is Evans Musara?
He is a results oriented Chemical Engineer, academic and administrator who started his career in applied sciences at National Foods Limited in 1991 as a trainee Chemical Engineer before joining the public service the following year. He worked in various capacities in science education and training at several districts of the Masvingo province before joining Masvingo polytechnic in 2004 as a science Lecturer. Using the vast experience he acquired over the years, he quickly rose through the ranks to become Chemical Engineering Head of Department and in just five years he was promoted to be the Head of Division of the Applied Sciences Division by September 2009. He was to be appointed Acting Vice Principal two years later in 2011 but because of his passion of training he continued lecturing in the Applied Sciences Division. While at Masvingo Polytechnic worked in various responsibilities of authority amoung them Head of Public Relations and Head of On Job Education and Training. He was appointed Acting Principal of Masvingo Polytechnic following the retirement of the then Principal Mr C.J Nyamukapa. He worked in that capacity until his promotion to becoming Substantive Principal of Kwekwe Polytechnic in November 2018.
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