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How to Apply Foregin Students

  Application checklist

  Our entry routes include graduate entry and standalone courses. Find the right course to match your needs. Check which qualifications you need.
 Could you benefit from accreditation of prior learning?
  Are there any special requirements (such as registering at a local teaching institution)?

  How to apply

Once you are ready to apply, follow the steps below.
1. Complete the online application form
 Apply for a course via its dedicated course page. You can also apply to study our modules individually in many cases.
2. Submit the application form
 Remember to attach any evidence or documents we need and pay any application fee (if it's relevant to the course you are applying for). We won't be able to process your application fully until we have received everything we need.
To apply for your prior learning to be accredited, please complete the relevant section on the application form.
3. Await our response
 We acknowledge your application by email within 24 hours. This includes a student reference number in case you   need to contact us about your application. From then, we aim to respond within five working days.
4. Register online and pay course fees
You have until the registration deadline to accept an offer and pay your initial fees. We send you your study materials as soon as they become available.
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